Easy Connect – One Month Later

Monthly overview

Easy Connect is one month old now. It grew from its release only one version, but it was an important one. Only one step, but a big one and in the right direction.

Since version 1.1 was released many things happened: the user base grew, number of ratings and reviews grew, feature requests e-mails grew in number. Only one thing stayed the same: crash reports :) They are really rather low and that makes us (and hopefully our users) happy. Also, the application got featured in several countries.

But enough with the talk, some numbers for this first month follows!


  • Number of downloads: 70000+
  • Average rating: 4.45
  • Crash count average: little more than 0.5 per day (yes, per day, not per user, total count was 18)
  • Featured in 7 countries (including Germany, Italy and Great Britain)
  • Top 20 in its category (tools + productivity) in 18 countries (Top 100 in over 60 countries)
  • Top 100 in Overall free applications in over 20 countries

Next steps

Well, the title should really say current steps as we are already working on the next version(s). Our first focus is to minimize even further the crash count even if we did not receive any complain of crashes from our users. Next in plan is to put an option to turn on and off the live tiles (thus having static and live tiles available). Also, per user request, we will optimize the start screen icons even further to show more clearly the connected / disconnected status (especially on the small tiles). Last but not least, something that we threw in, put a message pop up before sending a feedback mail or going to the rating screen. This last item we put in as we noticed a large amount of empty e-mails sent to the feedback mailbox and a fair amount of empty reviews (several with bad rating without any reason why). Our guess it that users pressed those icons by accident and in the rush to get back to the app they send out empty mails or empty (and bad) ratings. So in order to minimize this effects we will just ask the user for confirmation. The new version should be out in 10 days tops, so better look out for it :)

At the end we would like to thank our users for the support, feedback and ideas. Some of them we can (and will) do, some of them are not possible (mostly due the OS nature). We just hope that you enjoy the app as much as we do enjoy using and developing it.

See you all next month with new (and better hopefully) statistics!


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