Easy Connect 1.0 Reactions

The best customer is a satisfied customer.

We must admit that you (our users) surprised us. To tell the truth we were overwhelmed by your positive reviews, comments and discussions.

In general the app is very well accepted and most of the comments are positive. Few of them requested some features to be implemented and we will do our best to fit most of them in (if possible, of course). Several people (including Andreas from Denmark) requested us to skip returning to the main screen when a setting is called from the Start menu. That is one feature that we implemented tonight and will be part of the next release (except if the certification process rejects it, but we doubt it :) ). Another feature requested was to put the connection status on the small live tiles as well. This we will work on and will be also part of the next release.

All in all we want to thank you for all the feedback. Keep the ideas coming and we will try our best to fit them all in :)