Easy Connect - FAQ

This page contains the most frequent user questions (send via e-mail or reviews) for Easy Connect and our (best) answer to them.

Q: This app just opens the settings, why not having it as ‘toggle’ on the Start screen?

A: Due to the OS ‘closed’ nature, 3rd party applications (most of them on the Store, except ones from Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft…) are not allowed to do that. The only option instead is to call the system application for the desired setting and let the user change the option there.

Q: The app is great but it would be even better if you put ‘Internet sharing’!

A: Internet sharing option can be set only from the system call and not within the app. Not sure why but the OS API does not allow to call it from a 3rd party application.

Q: The application live Tiles status do not refresh when I change the option manually from the system. Fix that!

A: Well, that is fixed (partially). The application can update the tile status periodically if the user allows it (‘Periodic refresh’). This refresh runs in the background every 30 minutes (OS fixed interval). This means that if you allow it the status will be correctly shown in at most 30 minutes from the change. To avoid this we just suggest only to use our app. That way you’ll always have the correct status displayed (not to mention that is faster :) ).


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